HR Services

IB / HR Consultants is an outsourced HR Service Provider that has the business expertise to deliver tailored and flexible HR services to meet the needs of our clients. Our institute is based in London and focuses and results

Among our services, we can advise on effective techniques such as reward strategies.

Human Resources techniques

The best work force you are likely to have in the foreseeable future is the one you already have.  It therefore makes sense to look after them, at least well enough to stop them leaving to join your competitors, but preferably well enough to make sure they not only stay but also give their best.

The way you pay your staff inevitably says a lot about what you think of them, so it is important to make sure your reward strategy gives the right message.

Reward Strategy

The basic human resources principle is that your reward strategy should allow you to recruit, retain and motivate enough staff of the right calibre to run the organisation successfully.  If you find you are unable to do this, the problem is not necessarily with reward, but this is probably one of the first places to look. Some of the more important questions are:

We also understand how to handle situations where employees are moving abroad and need to deal with issues such as VISAs as this is integral to human resources.