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IB / HR Consultants is an outsourced HR Service Provider that has the business expertise to deliver tailored and flexible HR services to meet the needs of our clients. Our institute is based in London and focuses and results

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The UK’s diverse economy is the ideal location for companies to realise their international business potential. The fifth largest economy in the world, the UK has a gross domestic product (GDP) of US $2,345 billion (Source: World Bank, 2007) and is forecast to have the strongest business environment of all major European economies for the period 2007 to 2011 (Source: EIU, 2007).

With a population of 60.6 million (Source: ONS, 2016) and unemployment well below the EU average, the UK also has a strong workforce to support the economy. It is a leading global trading nation, as the second largest exporter and third largest importer of commercial services, and the seventh largest exporter and fourth largest importer of merchandise (Source: World Trade Organization, 2016).

Economic growth in the UK was 0.7% in 2016 (Source: HM Treasury, 2016). However, over the last ten years, GDP growth in the UK has regularly outpaced growth in the European Union.

England's East Midlands - everything you need to set up and grow your business

England’s East Midlands’ economy is showing great signs of recovery and keeps offering businesses everything it needs to succeed in the UK. 

Our region has an excellent track record for attracting world-class companies in the transport, healthcare, food and drink, and environmental sectors – Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Bombardier and AstraZeneca have all chosen the region for their headquarters.

And the reasons for this? Londonoffers a very cost competitive environment, supported by world leading R&D activities, a highly skilled workforce and a wide range of available properties. The region is at the centre of the UK transport network and offers a fantastic quality of life. In short, it is the perfect environment for flourishing business.


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We have a variety of HR Services that can support all types of organisations that are looking to either outsource their HR service requirements, assistance in specific HR projects, or just ad hoc support and guidance.



We want our clients to enjoy working with us: the repeat business they give us says they do. Teamwork is at the heart of how we work – both internally and externally. We become part of your team working with you to find the best solution for your organisation. Then we move quickly to put it in place.

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